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Ever got a headache from playing Virtual Boy?

Is it just a nasty rumor or more than that? No we want to know for sure, did you ever got a headache or eye strain from playing (too much) Virtual Boy? Do you skip automatic pauses or turn them off completely (comments please)?
Yes, every time!     5 % 5 % (9)
Yes, sometimes     7 % 7 % (12)
Only if I play for too long...     21 % 21 % (33)
No, Never     64 % 64 % (97)

Total Votes: 151


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Posted: 2008/1/24 0:19, Updated: 2008/1/24 0:22
After I voted no, I remembered that I once got a headache from playing virtual league baseball. I don't think it was due to the VB though, that game just gives me a headache. The worst that's ever happened to me was that I saw red for about 15 minutes after I stopped playing.

 I never got a headache
Posted: 2008/2/3 22:30, Updated: 2008/2/3 22:31
I've never had a headache due to the Virtual Boy, and I always skip the auto-pause feature. The only thing I notice is that after playing for a long time, I look at my surroundings and tend to see things with a reddish tone as a background. I believe this is due to the eyes being adapted to the red-black contrast.

Some years ago, I played with Virtual Boy after getting home from a party completely drunk, and of course I got dizzier than I already was but I believe the origin of that dizziness was not Virtual Boy (although it increased the feeling )

 No headaches here.
Posted: 2008/4/8 5:13, Updated: 2008/4/8 5:13
I've never experienced any headaches or any sort of vision disturbances from what I can remember. I only suffer either one of my legs falling asleep from kneeling at my coffee table to play it (the only place I can do so somewhat comfortably aside my computer desk). :P

Posted: 2008/12/16 4:39, Updated: 2008/12/16 4:39
I haven't once gotten a headache from playing. I usually skip the Auto Pauses and have sometimes played for very long periods at a time. The closest thing to eye strain that I've had is just the shock of moving from the "dark" environment of having my face in the system to the bright light of the real world. I experience the same strain when I go to a movie in the summer and go from a dark theator out into a bright sunny day.

As far as seeing red, I've never noticed that either. Then again, I'm colorblind so that might be influencing things.

 Not exactly a headache...
Posted: 2009/4/1 5:43, Updated: 2009/4/1 5:43
I don't remember having any headaches...

...But one time while I was playing Panic Bomber, my eyes started to kind of well up. I think this was because I wasn't moving my eyes at all while I was playing, which is a lot like staring at a wall for excessive amounts of time. After I looked into the background for a while every so often, I think it stopped.

Posted: 2011/2/5 2:19, Updated: 2011/2/5 2:19
I have never had my eyes damaged. I do keep the auto pause on because I get cramps from certain positions while playing my lovely Virtual Boy. Just gotta love them 3-D effects though!!!

 Never a headache, but sometimes the eyes...
Posted: 2011/2/6 22:01, Updated: 2011/2/6 22:01
I never got a headache yet, but the first few times I used it my eyes ached a bit after playing for a few hours but that stopped... haha and I might have skipped the auto pause a few times, but I tend to do my best not to. I also get a dulled color sense after playing a while for a few moments. But definitely nothing serious.

 random title name
Posted: 2012/3/14 0:09, Updated: 2012/3/14 0:09
How long do you have to play one to get a head ache? lol

Posted: 2012/3/17 10:07, Updated: 2012/3/17 10:07
When i play for long time,i prefer a dark room.

 no headache
Posted: 2013/10/27 19:04, Updated: 2013/10/27 19:04
Ive never gotten a headache but I did burst a blood vessle while winning vertical force. I guess I just could'nt take it.

 Re: Actually...
Posted: 2014/2/6 2:28, Updated: 2014/2/6 2:28