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Do you want Virtual Boy games for Wii's Virtual Console?

Would you buy released or unreleased Virtual Boy games for Wii's Virtual Console?
Hell, yeah!     70 % 70 % (212)
Maybe...     15 % 15 % (45)
Nope, thanks.     14 % 14 % (42)

Total Votes: 299


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Posted: 2007/1/21 16:53, Updated: 2007/1/21 16:53
you wouldn't be able to see the great depth and 3d effects the virtual boy system offers.

Maybe I would if 3D specs were given out ;)

 Kein Titel
Posted: 2007/5/11 18:27, Updated: 2007/5/11 18:27
Red Alarm with the Wiimote would be great ^^

 Oh dear.
Posted: 2007/11/1 1:22, Updated: 2007/11/1 1:22
By making Virtual Boy games the next installment to the Wii Virtual Console, the Virtual Boy entity will severly be diluted, and suffer losing it's unique value to consumers.

 3Ds VC
Posted: 2012/3/17 9:01, Updated: 2012/3/17 9:01
I want Virtual Boy games at 3Ds.(colored or red )
With gyro support.