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Poll Question Total votes  
Nester's VS Virtual Bowling 37 Results
What Should the Virtual Boy's Slogan Be? 19 Results
troubles watching Youtube 3D videos 7 Results
Label Reveal? 58 Results
How much would you support a crowdfunded Virtual Boy game with? 52 Results
Best Vintage Console 26 Results
Which kinds of phone do you use? 15 Results
Should Faceball have it's own editing program? 9 Results
How many think there should be a Planet 3DS? 8 Results
Would you be interested in buying any of these newly made stands? 17 Results
Poll test 9 Results
How long have you had your Virtual Boy? 23 Results
Best Mario VB Game 15 Results
What is the best version of the gameboy? 22 Results
What characters from Mario's tennis do you like? 22 Results
How much would you pay for the stuff listed below? 12 Results
What is one of the effects you have experienced after using a VB? 22 Results
What do you think of the Favicon? 4 Results
Boys, do you have a crush on the Princess Peach in Mario's tennis? 13 Results
What would you like to see added to my site in the new revamp? 21 Results
games that should have been relesed 41 Results
Do you think a copy of Dragon Hopper is in private hands? 57 Results
Which unreleased VB game are you most interested in? 344 Results
Should the compo deadline be pushed back? 19 Results
How did you find this site? 158 Results
Do you want Virtual Boy games for Wii's Virtual Console? 299 Results
Your favorite VB game? 211 Results
Which Virtual Boy Store Display do you own? 11 Results
Ever got a headache from playing Virtual Boy? 151 Results
What are you using your FlashBoy for? (multiple answers possible) 406 Results
Have you ever been victim of "horizontal lines" issue ? 107 Results
Favorite Map? 6 Results