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This section is for all the home mechanic Virtual Boy fans. But also less techically experienced gamers can enhance their gaming fun with our bulletproof building instructions ;)

VB Controller Trafo Mod
For Virtual Boy, batteries are somewhat the same as donuts for Homer Simpson. But AC Adapters are rare, hard to find and quite expensive. However, with a cheap and simple modification of the Virtual Boy controller, this problem can be solved...
VB Link Cable
Make your own VB link cable and play Dogp's 3D "Battlesnake" and "Tic Tac Toe" against a friend! With pictures and information by Alberto Covarrubias and Pat Daderko.
A Virtual Boy helmet by Piosol, which makes the VB more "portable" and playing more comfortable. The head support webbing is adjustable and with a pulley and a counterweight, the weigth can be reduced by nearly 50%!
Lee Krueger invented this cool alternative Virtual Boy stand called the Lamp-O-Tron, which for the Virtual Boy is being mounted on the swingarm of a lamp. With this, backaches caused by playing Virtual Boy should belong to the past. Building instructions written by Piosol, for the original text click here.
VB Rumble Pak
A description by DogP how to build in a "Rumble Pak" to your Virtual Boy controller using a Game Boy Color rumble pak that reacts on sounds. Finally you cannot only see Virtual Boy games, but also feel them!
VB Headband
The building instructions for this small but cool headband for Virtual Boy were written by QBert. It's cheap and makes your VB much more portable :)
DirectPad Pro
Directpad Pro is a combination hardware/software interface that allows Windows 95/98 users to utilize various console pads (including VB) on their PCs.
Head-Mounted Virtual Boy
Our user Cyberdyne has created the ultimate Virtual Boy headset using an old (and rare) Forte VFX-1 Virtual-Reality system.