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VB Headband

Make your own Virtual Boy Headband v0.1

The following instructions show you how to make a Headband for your Virtual Boy, so you can play it like it was meant to be played! This doesn't mean you can go and take a walk or take a drive in your car or whatever while playing. But, you can strap it on your head and move your head freely (except upsidedown!). This means no more crouching over the VB to stick your face in it, so no more backaches! Also, keep in mind that this is my first prototype. So, maybe some improvements could be made. Make sure you use good materials, so the Headband won't break while you're using it! The following instructions are exactly the way I made the prototype, and I think it gives a good result! Use it at your own risk and please, read carefully!

A great Hand-Drawn Concept picture of the Virtual Boy Headband

If you have any questions or want to give me feedback on how your Headband project went, or whatever else... surf to my site to contact me:


For improvement tips, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

You need the following items:

· The shoulder strap from a Travel/Sports Bag
· Some sewing-thread and a sewing-needle· A piece of foam-rubber· A cord/string (e.g.the drawstring from a pair of sweat-pants)that can hold the weight of the Virtual Boy· Sticky Tape (for positioning the cord/string the first time)
· A small rubber-cord or hair-elastic· Scissors (to cut the cord/string and the shoulder band)
· The 'Shoulder-piece' for extra comfort on your head  (OPTIONAL)
· A 'Buckle' for size-adjustment of the HeadBand  (OPTIONAL)
Like i said, these instructions are exactly as the prototype so I'm going to use the 'Shoulder-piece' and the 'Buckle'. These are NOT essential so you can leave them out!

Preparing the materials:

Take the shoulder strap off of the bag and cut 2 pieces of about 25cm (10") each, leave the buckle on one of the pieces. (If you don't have a buckle then just cut 1 piece that fits around half your head.) TIP: It doesn't matter if you make them too long the first time, you can always cut off a piece of the Headband when you have tried it for size!
Take piece of band, and fold about 4cm (1.5") back to make a loop. Later, we'll attach the cord/string here. Sew the loop together where the needle is in the picture. Do this on one end of each piece.
Slide the 'shoulder-piece' as usual on to one of the small pieces of shoulder strap (I used it on the piece with the buckle). Put some foam-rubber between the shoulder-piece and the shoulder strap.
When you have completed these first steps, you should have one small piece of shoulder strap with a loop and another small piece of shoulder strap with a loop, a buckle, and a foam-rubber-stuffed shoulder-piece.

Preparing the VISOR:
Take the visor off of your Virtual Boy and remove the eyeshade. Strap two small pieces of foam rubber to the visor with the rubber-band/hair-elastic.
Use one piece on top for your forehead and one piece on the bottom for your nose. You may have to change these pieces of foam to suit your comfort needs after you've tested your VB-Headband. Put the eyeshade back on the visor and put the visor back on the Virtual Boy.

Tie the string around the Virtual Boy:
Find the middleof the cord/string. Attach the middle of the cord/string onto the center of the top of your Virtual Boy with sticky tape, just above and in between the two red 'things', on top of your Virtual Boy.

On the leftside of the Virtual Boy, pull the cord/string around to the the left side of the visor, under the Virtual Boy, around to the front, then over the Virtual Boy.
Hold your finger on the middle of the cord/string and pull the other end so it pulls tight around the Virtual Boy. Now, tie it together tightly where the cord/string crosses itself.
Do the same thing on the right end of the Virtual Boy, pull the cord/string around the right side of the visor etc... You can now remove the sticky tape. When you are done with this step, you should have what appears to be a pair of rope glasses tied around your Virtual Boy, with two loose ends.

Attaching the Head Strap Itself:

Tie one end of the cord/string with a loop through a loop of one piece of shoulder strap. Tie the other end of the cord/string with a loop through the loop in the other piece of shoulder strap.
Now, put the Virtual Boy down, lenses up, and put your face in it. Attach the two pieces of shoulder strap together with the buckle and adjust it to fit your head. Have fun with your new, handmade Virtual Boy Headband.

Following are some more pics...

A finished VirtualBoy Headband closed
A finished VirtualBoy Headband opened
A finished VirtualBoy Headband strapped on a VirtualBoy
A picture of me testing the first prototype from the side
A picture of me testing the first prototype from the front

About the weight:


Ups / Downs:

  • No more crouching over to play VB! - No more backaches!
  • Freedom of movement!
  • Play VB as it was meant to be!
  • Finally make your VB portable!
  • Looks really cool!
  • Total weight Virtualboy 760gr + HeadBand 45gr: 805gr
  • Eyes may experience difficulties to focus on the VirtualBoy screens when moving your head while playing

Improvement pointers: (not tested yet)

I am still working to improve the HeadBand,and i have the following ideas: (not tested yet!)
· A double Headband; to add more stability to the Virtual Boy.
· A Foam-rubber-filled Headband to add even more comfort.
· A RubberVisor made out of a pair of diving-glasses,for more comfort and less pressure on your forehead and or nose
· A center stabilizer for the cord/string around the Virtual Boy. Preventing the cords/strings from sliding, providing more stability.
Further proof of my great artistic abilities showing a hand-drawn artist's conception of the center stabilizer. It's supposed to fit snugly around the two red 'things' on top of the Virtual Boy at the places marked by arrows on the picture The round holes marked by the pointing hands are where the cords/strings are tied.
The center-stabilizer is designed for preventing the cords/strings from sliding, providing more stability. The best material for this is probably thick leather
A better concept picture of the second center-stabilizer design. The black ellipse represents the center-stabilizer, the red rectangles are holes that fit on top of the VirtualBoy, the yellow circles are holes for the cords/strings and the blue line represents the cords/strings.