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Important! If you buy a lamp pay attention if the metal piece where the lampshade is fastened to looks like a „T“.

Exchanging the springs:

The little handles the springs are fastened to should be made of metal. If they are made of plastic replace them with screws (Diameter: ca.3mm; Length: ca.3cm).
The springs must be exchanged for stronger and shorter springs.

Diameter spring: ca. 1,5 cm
Diameter springwire: 0,2 cm

I am sorry but I can not give you any advice where to find the springs you need – here in Germany they were really hard to find; I bought mine at a tiny little junk store. Maybe you find something via Internet.
If you have your springs the Lampotron is almost finished.

(Lamp with stronger springs)

How to fasten the VB stand:

It is really easy to fasten the VB stand. You just have to make the holes for the screws in the T-piece a little bit bigger so that the space between them equals the space between the VB stand screws. Then remove the screws from the VB stand and fasten the stand to the T-piece with any screws that fit (see pictures below).

If you do not possess a T-piece try with two angle-irons. You should just use something (e.g. nuts) to adjust the width of your self-made T-piece.

(Stand fastened to the T-piece)

A good advice:

If the springs are to strong and keep pulling the VB up, fasten all screws on your lamp. By then your problem should be solved.

I wish you lots of fun with your Lampotron!!