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VB Controller Trafo Mod

Have you ever experienced that? After hard hours of playing through Red Alarm you finally reached the last boss, beads of perspiration are running down your face and suddenly your batteries, which you bought just few hours ago, die... But AC Adapters are rare and hard to find and also not very cheap.

But this problem can be solved with a simple modification of the Virtual Boy Controller! The main thought is to equip the controller with a cable that can be connected to a trafo to power the Virtual Boy this way. You can get a trafo everywhere for only a few dollars, so against batteries and AC Adapters, this mod is the cheapest way to solve the Virtual Boy's little power-problem.

Needed tools and materials:

· A 9VDC AC Adapter at 3A ("Trafo")
· A cross screwdiver (size ph 1)

· A sufficiently long cable (i.e. speaker-cable)
· A RCA coaxial plug + A RCA coaxial socket (Or any mating pair of 2 conductor connectors)

· A soldering iron


The first thing to do is to screw the controller open. To do that lay down the controller on a table with its buttons down. In contrast to the N64 contoller you don't have to watch out for loose little pieces, so you normally can't damage anything, you only have to be careful of the L- and R-buttons not to get lost, because they're not attached to the controller directly.
After you opened the controller, take the upper half (the one with the L and R Buttons), use the soldering iron to melt in a hole in it that is big enough for your cable, then pull your cable through it with the RCA coaxial plug on the outside. After you did this your controller should look like the one on the picture to the right.

The next step is to take the other half of the controller and then solder the two ends of the cable to the two little metalplates on the inside of the controller. On the pic below you can see where:

After you did this screw the controller together again, but make sure that the cables are tight enough and laying at the rigth place, or closing the controller could be a bit difficult. Now the main modification is already done!
The last thing to do is to attach (solder) the RCA coaxial socket to the trafo-cable. So first you have to detach this little plastic-plug (l. pic) from the cable, then open the RCA coaxial socket, pull the trafo-cable through the one half and attach the other half to the cable like on the pics below:
Now just close the RCA coaxial socket and the modification is complete!