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M: Spielmodul, B: Box, A: Anleitung

Name M B A
3D Tetris (U)
Galactic Pinball (J)
Galactic Pinball (U)
Golf (J)
Golf (U)
Insmouse No Yakata (J)
Jack Bros. (J)
Jack Bros. (U)
Mario Clash (J)
Mario Clash (U)
Mario's Tennis (J)
Mario's Tennis (U)
Nester's Funky Bowling (U)
Panic Bomber (J)
Panic Bomber (U)
Red Alarm (J)
Red Alarm (U)
SD Gundam Dimension War (J)
Space Invaders Virtual Collection (J)
Space Squash (J)
Teleroboxer (J)
Teleroboxer (U)
V-Tetris (J)
Virtual Bowling (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (U)
Virtual Lab (J)
Vertical Force (J)
Vertical Force (U)
Virtual Fishing (J)
Virtual Pro Baseball '95 (J)
Virtual League Baseball (U)
Waterworld (U)
Bound High (repro cart, with 3D printed red shell)
Space Pinball (repro cart)



H: Hardware, B: Box, A: Anleitung

Name H B A
Virtual Boy (U)
Virtual Boy (J)
Virtual Boy (J) (Demo)
AC Adapter Set (U)
AC Adapter Tap (J)
AC Adapter Tap (J) (Demo)
Headphones (J)
Eyeshade (J)
Blockbuster Hardcase (U)
Soft Case (U)
Performance AC Adaptor (U)
Homemade DC Adaptor pad, got this machined on a mill at work and soldered the rest. Fits onto the rear of controller and a standard multi-voltage DC transformer plugs in. Photo included of the proto-type.
I am in the process of re-designing this and making a batch for sale at some point, the render is how the re-design could look once made, this will most likely be from the same red plastic as the medallion.
Stand medallion repair, original had cracked so had new one milled up from red plastic of some type, in the process of finalizing the design & maybe try to make a batch for sale. New grey version made, photos updated




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