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C: Cartridge, B: Box, M: Manual

Name C B M
3D Tetris (U)
Galactic Pinball (J)
Galactic Pinball (U)
Golf (J)
Golf (U)
Insmouse No Yakata (J)
Jack Bros. (J)
Jack Bros. (U)
Mario Clash (J)
Mario Clash (U)
Mario's Tennis (J)
Mario's Tennis (U)
Nester's Funky Bowling (U)
Panic Bomber (J)
Panic Bomber (U)
Red Alarm (J)
Red Alarm (U)
SD Gundam Dimension War (J)
Space Invaders Virtual Collection (J)
Space Squash (J)
Teleroboxer (J)
Teleroboxer (U)
V-Tetris (J)
Virtual Bowling (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (U)
Virtual Lab (J)
Vertical Force (J)
Vertical Force (U)
Virtual Fishing (J)
Virtual Pro Baseball '95 (J)
Virtual League Baseball (U)
Waterworld (U)
-----SOLD Warioland (US Demo)
-----SOLD Red Alarm (US Demo)
Bound High boxed (Thanks to "Team Awesome" for your hardwork on these repros)
Space Pinball boxed
BLOX boxed
Faceball: Prototype Edition boxed (Yay!)
Flashboy+ (favorite item in my collection - Special thanks to Minestorm and Kr155E!)
New VGA graded copies of titles shown in photos (in addition to open box copies...Yes, I had them graded myself. No, I would not recommend buying graded copies off Ebay!)



I: Item, B: Box, M: Manual

Name I B M
Virtual Boy (U)
Virtual Boy (J)
Virtual Boy (J) (Demo)
AC Adapter Set (U)
AC Adapter Tap (J)
AC Adapter Tap (J) (Demo)
Headphones (J)
Eyeshade (J)
Blockbuster Hardcase (U)
Soft Case (U)
Performance AC Adaptor (U)
Stand Fix Kits x3 courtesy of Hedgetrimmer --- A must have!
4/4/13 - Just received boxed Performance adapter (not yet pictured)


#1 Boxed US VB
#2 US Demo VB (Insert only, no box)
#3 US Retail Display VB
#4 Boxed Japanese VB
#5 Boxed Japanese Demo VB (Mosaic) w/ retail stand
-----SOLD #6 Blockbuster VB with case
#7 Black/Red Hydrodipped VB
-----SOLD #8 Hudson Soft Promo Pin
#9 Lenticular 3D Promo Pin
-----SOLD #10 Virtual Boy Promo hat (Black w/ red lettering)
-----SOLD #11 Polarized E3 or Shoshinkai promo paper visor
-----SOLD #12 Bomberman promo flyer (JP)
#13 Panic Bomber promo flyer (JP)
#14 Virtual Bowling promo flyer (JP)
#15 Insmouse promo flyer (JP)
#16 T&E Virtual Golf promo flyer (JP)
#17 Complete 1995 Volume of Nintendo Power (issues 68-79) with 3D glasses in envelope for #75
#18 Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue #66 - Jan 1995
#19 Gamefan Magazine Volume 3, Issue 7, July '95 (VB Issue)
#20 Complete 20 count factory box of Vertical Force (JP)
#21 Mario Tennis Virtual Boy deck of playing cards (sealed)
#22 Red Handled Tool Bit
#23 Nintendo OEM AC Adapter (JP white box)
#24 HORI HA-7 AC Adapter (white box)
#25 HORI HA-7 AC Adapter variation (orange box - Super Famicom)
#26 Custom designed etched/lighted Virtual Boy sign
#27 Custom designed acrylic 3-D Virtual Boy sign
-----SOLD #28 Complete boxed E3 media press kit including all upcoming releases for 1995 including 4 Virtual Boy press releases, Nintendo timeline, and a "New for '95" preview book with a 4 page VB spread
-----SOLD #29 Used Virtual Boy Desk Clock
#30 Red Virtual Boy promo pen (not yet pictured)
-----SOLD #31 Boxed 32-Bit System Transporter (Soft Case Variant)
#32 Denim Nintendo employee shirt w/ embroidered VB on back
#33 Four lenticular POGS from Nintendo Power promo
#34 Blockbuster ceiling hanger for Nester's Funky Bowling (Thanks Ben)
-----SOLD #35 Red/Black bi-tone Virtual Boy hat
#36 VB Sunglasses


Completeness (Overall)

Last Update: 2016/8/26