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C: Cartridge, B: Box, M: Manual

Name C B M
3D Tetris (U)
Galactic Pinball (J)
Galactic Pinball (U)
Golf (J)
Golf (U)
Insmouse No Yakata (J)
Jack Bros. (J)
Jack Bros. (U)
Mario Clash (J)
Mario Clash (U)
Mario's Tennis (J)
Mario's Tennis (U)
Nester's Funky Bowling (U)
Panic Bomber (J)
Panic Bomber (U)
Red Alarm (J)
Red Alarm (U)
SD Gundam Dimension War (J)
Space Invaders Virtual Collection (J)
Space Squash (J)
Teleroboxer (J)
Teleroboxer (U)
V-Tetris (J)
Virtual Bowling (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (U)
Virtual Lab (J)
Vertical Force (J)
Vertical Force (U)
Virtual Fishing (J)
Virtual Pro Baseball '95 (J)
Virtual League Baseball (U)
Waterworld (U)
Flashboy #13 CIB
Flashboy+ CIB
Flashboy+ C (white/red 3D printed shell)
Space Pinball C (1st run)
Faceball C (1st run, test cart)
Bound High! C (1st run)
SD Gundam Dimension War English Translation C (1st run, test cart)
Space Squash English Translation C (1st run, test cart with custom label)
Faceball Remastered C (1st run, test cart with custom label)
Wario Land C (with battery cage)
Mario Clash C (with DogP hacks applied)
Kevin Mellott Link Cable (5th Run)
Vertical Force C (with custom label)
Kevin Mellott VB-to-USB cable
Kevin Mellott VB-to-USB controller adapter
Jack Bros. C (with Parasite debug/cheat hack applied)
Innsmouth Mansion English Translation C (vintex64)
Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting CIB



I: Item, B: Box, M: Manual

Name I B M
Virtual Boy (U)
Virtual Boy (J)
Virtual Boy (J) (Demo)
AC Adapter Set (U)
AC Adapter Tap (J)
AC Adapter Tap (J) (Demo)
Headphones (J)
Eyeshade (J)
Blockbuster Hardcase (U)
Soft Case (U)
Performance AC Adaptor (U)


Nintendo Power issue #75


My HF cart is from the first run of 70-75 CIB releases that sold for $150 ea. It is original and not a reproduction (Kevin Mellott) or a 2nd run (Johnny Phantom?).


Completeness (Overall)

Last Update: 2019/10/23