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C: Cartridge, B: Box, M: Manual

Name C B M
3D Tetris (U)
Galactic Pinball (J)
Galactic Pinball (U)
Golf (J)
Golf (U)
Insmouse No Yakata (J)
Jack Bros. (J)
Jack Bros. (U)
Mario Clash (J)
Mario Clash (U)
Mario's Tennis (J)
Mario's Tennis (U)
Nester's Funky Bowling (U)
Panic Bomber (J)
Panic Bomber (U)
Red Alarm (J)
Red Alarm (U)
SD Gundam Dimension War (J)
Space Invaders Virtual Collection (J)
Space Squash (J)
Teleroboxer (J)
Teleroboxer (U)
V-Tetris (J)
Virtual Bowling (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (J)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (U)
Virtual Lab (J)
Vertical Force (J)
Vertical Force (U)
Virtual Fishing (J)
Virtual Pro Baseball '95 (J)
Virtual League Baseball (U)
Waterworld (U)
Mario Tennis is a "For Display Only" box
- Hyper Fighting (1st run, game only)
- Bound High (prototype reproduction)



I: Item, B: Box, M: Manual

Name I B M
Virtual Boy (U)
Virtual Boy (J)
Virtual Boy (J) (Demo)
AC Adapter Set (U)
AC Adapter Tap (J)
AC Adapter Tap (J) (Demo)
Headphones (J)
Eyeshade (J)
Blockbuster Hardcase (U)
Soft Case (U)
Performance AC Adaptor (U)




Mine came within a black suitcase with a foam thin pad on the bottom, storage flap on the top to protect it. Unit is a former Blockbuster rental, removed all the stickers from everything. Ribbon cables have been solder fixed.

SN: VN100121414

As of May 23, 2019 - Safely stored in a Blockbuster Hardcase.


I have a second Virtual Boy in pieces:
+1 Headpiece
+1 Eyeshade + Holder
+1 Controller
+1 Battery Box

SN: VN103922735


Completeness (Overall)

Last Update: 2019/8/15

This user has not yet uploaded any images of his/her Virtual Boy collection.