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The Games Convention, the already biggest and most important video game tradeshow in Europe in only its second year, was helt in Leipzig, Germany from August 21 to 24, 2003, to give companies the chance to show their new products to a wide audience.

THE "newbie" of the show was not the GP32 or Nokia's horrible N-Gage, though, but much more the Virtual Boy, which was shown at a tradeshow for the first time since 1996. Responsible for its appearance was not Nintendo this time, but we from the Planet Virtual Boy Team, who were able to present the Virtual Boy to the visitors, thanks to an invitation by the great guys from and Lik-Sang.

Originally, playable versions of homebrewn games were planned to be shown at our booth, Blox, Simon and with 3D BattleSnake aka Tron VB even a linked 2-Player game. But the customs caused problems and the carts from the USA arrived a few days too late, so VB Wario Land and Galactic Pinball had to help out there. Also Mario Clash and Mario's Tennis got their time in the cart slot of the Virtual Boy, and some very interested people got the chance to play some other games as well, since we had a nearly complete software library with us.

The bottom line is, we had a great time, could make new connections and find a lot of new fans for the only "real" 3D console at the show. :-)