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T&E Soft (Technology & Entertainment Software), founded in 1982, is a japanese developer employing a staff of around 60 people. The company is known for its Golf and Puzzle titles. T&E Soft was, besides Nintendo, the best developer of Virtual Boy games. All three games, 3D Tetris, Red Alarm and Golf, were of high quality, plus they were the only ones to ever usa the full 3D power of the Virtual Boy...


3D Tetris (VB) [D]
Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest (PC) [D]
Golf (VB) [D] [P]
Pebble Beach Golf (3DO) (SNES) [P]
Red Alarm (VB) [D] [P]
Swing Away Golf (PS2) [D]
Waialae Country Club (N64) [D]

T&E Soft
Software (Released):
3D Tetris
(T&E Virtual) Golf
Red Alarm
Software (Unreleased):
Polygo Block