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kemco games, which is owned by kotobuki system, is a japanese publisher and developer, well known for its top gear franchise and their many games for nintendo consoles. although never having made a baseball game before, their only virtual boy title, virtual league baseball (virtual professional baseball '95 in japan) is quite well done. sadly the 1996 update of the game never saw the light of the day.


Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas (NES) [P]
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (GBC) [D] [P]
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (N64) [D]
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (PSX) [D] [C]
Batman: Dark Tomorrow (GCN) (PS2) (XBOX) [D] [P]
Bombing Islands, The (PSX) [D] [P]
Boulder Dash EX (GBA) [P]
Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout (NES) [P]
Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle (NES) [P]
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 (GBC) [D] [P]
Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 4 (GBC) [D] [P]
Carnivale (PSX) [P]
Catwoman (GBC) [D]
Charlie Blast's Territory (N64) [P]
Crazy Chase (GBA) [D] [P]
Daikatana (GBC) (N64) [D] [P]
Deja Vu (NES) [P]
Deja Vu & Deja Vu II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding (GBC) [C]
Desert Commander (NES) [P]
Egg Mania (GBA) [P]
Ghost Lion (NES) [P]
Kid Klown (NES) [D] [P]
Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (GBA) (SNES) [D] [P]
Knife Edge: Nose Gunner (N64) [D] [P]
Mech Platoon (GBA) [D] [P]
North & South (NES) [P]
Phalanx (GBA) [D] [P]
Phalanx (SNES) [P]
Rescue: The Embassy Mission (NES) [P]
Runelords (GBC) [P]
Shadowgate (NES) [P]
Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers (N64) [C]
Shadowgate Classic (GBC) [P]
Snoopy Silly Sports (NES) [P]
Spy vs. Spy (GBC) [D]
Spy vs. Spy (GB) (NES) [P]
Superman (NES) [D] [P]
Sword of Hope (GB) [D] [P]
Top Gear (SNES) [D] [P]
Top Gear 3000 (SNES) [D]
Top Gear II (SNES) [D] [P]
Top Gear Dare Devil (PS2) [P]
Top Gear GT Championship (GBA) [D] [P]
Top Gear Hyperbike (N64) [P]
Top Gear Overdrive (N64) [P]
Top Gear Pocket (GBC) [D] [P]
Top Gear Pocket 2 (GBC) [D] [C]
Top Gear Rally (N64) [P]
Top Gear Rally 2 (N64) [P]
Tweety and the Magic Gems (GBA) [D] [P]
Tweety's High-Flying Adventure (GBC) [D] [P]
Twisted Edge (N64) [P]
Uninvited (NES) [P]
Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure (GCN) [P]
Virtual League Baseball (VB) [P]
Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5 (GBA) [P]

15600 Redmond Way NE #303
Redmond, WA 98052, USA
Software (Released):
Virtual League Baseball
Software (Unreleased):
Virtual Professional Baseball '96