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Hudson Soft was founded on May 18, 1973. The famous japanese publisher and developer employs a staff of more than 400. Hudson's best-known game franchise to date is the Bomberman series, which has appeared on all major platforms including Virtual Boy, although Panic Bomber isn't a "real" Bomberman game. A classical, but 3D Bomberman game for Virtual Boy, simply called "Virtual Bomberman", was finished, but sadly never released.
1984 hudson began to produce videogames for the Famicom (NES) that the company enjoyed notable success, as their first Famicom title, Lode Runner, sold 12 million units.
In May of 1998, Hudson founded the joint venture "Manegi Corporation" with NCL (Nintendo of America's development department).


adventure island (nes, game boy)
adventure island 2 (nes, game boy)
adventure island 3 (nes)
adventures of dino riki (nes)
air zonk (turbo grafx / duo)
alien crush (turbo grafx / duo)
an american tale (nes)
beauty & the beast (nes)
blender bros. (game boy advance)
bloody roar (playstation)
bloody roar 2: the new breed (playstation)
bomber boy (game boy)
bomber king (nes)
bomberman (nes, playstation, saturn, turbo grafx / duo)
bomberman 2 (nes)
bomberman 64 (nintendo 64)
bomberman 64 (2001) (nintendo 64)
bomberman 64 2 (nintendo 64)
bomberman '94 (turbo grafx / duo)
bomberman: the second attack (nintendo 64)
bomberman b-daman (snes)
bomberman collection (game boy)
bomberman fantasy race (playstation)
bomberman fight (saturn)
bomberman gb (game boy)
bomberman gb2 (game boy)
bomberman gb3 (game boy)
bomberman hero (nintendo 64)
bomberman kart (playstation2)
bomberman max - blue: champion (game boy color)
bomberman max - red: challenger (game boy color)
bomberman max 2: blue advance (game boy advance)
bomberman max 2: red advance (game boy advance)
bomberman online (dreamcast)
bomberman party edition (playstation)
bomberman quest (game boy color)
bomberman tournament (game boy advance)
bomberman wars (playstation, saturn)
bomberman world (playstation)
bonk 3: bonk's big adventure (turbo grafx / duo)
bonk's adventure (game boy, nes, turbo grafx / duo)
bonk's revenge (turbo grafx / duo)
bubble bobble (master system)
bubble bobble 2 (game boy)
bulk slash (saturn)
denryu ira ira bou (nintendo 64)
devil's crush (turbo grafx / duo)
dual heroes (nintendo 64)
dungeon explorer (sega cd, turbo grafx / duo)
dungeon explorer II (turbo grafx / duo)
dynablaster (pc)
felix the cat (nes)
egg: elemental gimmick gear (dreamcast)
getter love!! (nintendo 64)
getter robot: the big battle (playstation)
grandia: parallel trippers (game boy color)
hatena satena (game boy advance)
hermie hopperhead (playstation)
inspector gadget (nes)
j-league eleven beat 1997 (nintendo 64)
jackie chan kung fu (nes)
keith courage in alpha zones (turbo grafx / duo)
kitahe: photo memories (dreamcast)
kitahe: white illumination (dreamcast)
last legion ux (nintendo 64)
let's smash tennis (nintendo 64)
lords of thunder (sega cd, turbo grafx / duo)
mario party (nintendo 64)
mario party 2 (nintendo 64)
mario party 3 (nintendo 64)
mega bomberman (genesis)
mendel palace (nes)
military madness (turbo grafx / duo)
milon's secret castle (nes)
momotarou matsuri (game boy advance)
morita shogi advanced (game boy advance)
nectaris: military madness (playstation)
neutopia (turbo grafx / duo)
new adventure island (turbo grafx / duo)
panic bomber (neo geo, virtual boy)
pinobee: wings of adventure (game boy advance)
pocket bomberman (game boy color)
power league 64 (nintendo 64)
princess tomato in the salad kingdom (nes)
robopon: sun version (game boy color)
robopon 2: cross version (game boy advance)
robopon 2: ring version (game boy advance)
robot ponkotsu (nintendo 64)
robot ponkotsu: moon version (game boy color)
rockman world (game boy)
rune jade (dreamcast)
saturn bomberman fight!! (saturn)
shadow of the tusk (saturn)
space adventure (sega cd)
starship hector (nes)
star soldier: vanishing earth (nintendo 64)
super adventure island (snes)
super adventure island 2 (snes)
super b-daman battle phoenix 64 (nintendo 64)
super bomberman (snes)
super bomberman 2 (snes)
super bomberman 3 (snes)
super bomberman 4 (snes)
super bomberman 5 (snes)
super producers (dreamcast)
swat kats (snes)
toukon retsuden (playstation)
toukon retsuden 2 (playstation)
toukon retsuden 3 (playstation)
toukon retsuden 3 arcade edition (arcade)
toukon retsuden 3 special version (playstation)
toukon retsuden special version (playstation)
toukon road: brave spirits (nintendo 64)
toukon road 2 (nintendo 64)
triumph (nes)
vertical force (virtual boy)
virus (saturn)
willy wombat (saturn)
world class baseball (turbo grafx / duo)
xexyz (nes)
yu yu hakuso (3do)

Hudson Soft
Hudson Building 5-4-22,
Hiragishi 3-Jo Toyohira-Ku Sapporo City 062-8622

Software (Released):
Panic Bomber
Vertical Force
Software (Unreleased):
Virtual Bomberman