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Welcome to the third dimension! On this site you will learn everything about Nintendo's Virtual Reality experiment, the Virtual Boy. Released back in 1995 only in Japan and North America, the system failed all along the line and disappeared from the market less than a year later, quietly and without any official word. Only 22 games were released for the Virtual Boy during its short lifespan. Here we want to build a memorial for this unique oddity of videogame history. Dedicated to its brilliant creator, Gunpei Yokoi.

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MultiBoy 32 announced

Kevin Mellott has announced MultiBoy 32, the first ever Virtual Boy multicart! It comes equipped with an SD card slot and can store up to 32 games of up to 32 Mbit each on its internal 1 Gbit flash chip. A battery-free MRAM chip adds standard-sized SRAM for each of the 32 game slots, and is connected through a full 16bit bus width instead of the original cartridges' 8bit width.

  1. Flash space: 32 slots of 32Mbit RAM via a 1Gbit Flash.
  2. RAM space: 256k x 16 SRAM space (8k x 16 per slot) using MRAM (no battery needed).
  3. Full 16bit SRAM bus instead of the production 8bit width.
  4. On board 32bit microcontroller (MCU) for programming slots.
  5. USB input for interfacing and control.
  6. Games loaded via SD card slot.
  7. On screen game selection.
  8. Arduino compatible MCU (custom firmware development if you're so inclined).

The cart should be out this summer, at a price of around a reasonable $150. But the price ultimately depends on the number of preorders, so make sure to share your enthusiasm for this amazing piece of hardware! Check out the announcement thread for all the yummy info.

MultiBoy 32 PCB
cr1901 has released Windows binaries of an open source command line FlashBoy programmer called "prog-vb". Build for Linux and Mac are said to follow. Sources (in Rust) are available on GitHub.

Release Thread

"Innsmouth Mansion" English Translation Patch

Thunderstruck has released an English Translation Patch for Insmouse No Yakata. Get "Innsmouth Mansion" here.


Capitan Sevilla returns

Jorge and me are delighted to finally be able to announce that we have teamed up with Rubén Garcerá Soto earlier this year to revive his beautiful Virtual Boy homebrew game "Capitan Sevilla 2", which won 2nd prize in PVB Coding Competition 2010.

Under the new name "Capitan Sevilla 3D", we have been rebuilding the game from the ground up in VUEngine, based on the foundation of our Platformer Demo. Since the original game demo was 2D-only, we are remastering all the environments in 3D. So far, the first three (out of four) areas are done and fully playable from start to finish, as is everything else from Splash Screens to Introduction to Credits Screen, etc.

We'll release a demo once we converted all of the original content, probably early 2019, before moving on to extend it with new areas, improving animations, etc. However, a playable demo of the current state (as seen in the video below) will be made available for "Beta Tester" (and above) tier backers of our Patreon campaign today. You select few, please play the demo on a real Virtual Boy to experience it in all its stereoscopic glory! :-)


VBDE 1.3.0 with VUEngine 6.0 out now

Here is the brand new version 1.3.0 of VBDE, featuring version 6.0 of the VUEngine.

Choose your flavor - the lightweight "regular" edition comes with Notepad++ as its editor, while the Pro edition is bundled with a proper IDE, IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, as its default editor, as well as Git for version control.

A new release of the VUEngine Platformer Demo is also available here, built on the latest engine and coming with another layer of polish.

Following is an overview of the major new VUEngine features.

VUEngine Preprocessor

This is one of the two major changes on which we have been working non stop the past couple of months, besides the usual bug fixes, performance improvements and code clean up. VUEngine 6.0 is the first release to include a brand new code syntax, closer to that of C++.

The new syntax is supported by the VUEngine Preprocessor, which consist of a group of seamlessly integrated scripts that convert, before compilation, the new code into the old C-macros that we implemented to support some object oriented features.

The hope is that the new syntax, by being a lot friendlier and familiar, would entice some developers to try out the tools that we have developed over all these years, without having to overcome the steep learning curve that the heavy use of macros required.

This is just the first step into an easier, and safer, to use VUEngine, but by no means is the final state of the preprocessor. In the future, we hope to replace the scripts with a proper grammar parser that should help to reduce the preprocessing and compilation times, while enabling us to make more improvements to the syntax.

VUEngine Plugin Library

VUEngine is making a big step towards a more modular architecture with the VUEngine Plugin Library (formerly "VUEngine Components"), a library of reuseable, prefab components like entities, states or fonts, that can be easily included in your VUEngine project for a good headstart and/or to add new functionality.

For example, the library covers all the basic needs of a Virtual Boy game, like an automatic pause feature, a blinking low battery indicator, various splash screens or even a save data manager to work with Save RAM, so you can focus on writing the actual game. It also offers a broad selection of ready to use fonts, effects and special entities, with more to come in the future.

See the readme for a full list of currently available plugins.

VUEngine Editor Templates

Speed up your development process even more with the new VUEngine file and live templates available in VBDE Pro.

Live templates are a way to quickly produce pre-defined blocks of code like function bodies, macros or definitions. Included right now are the most important ones. Simply type "." in the editor and a list of all the available templates pops up. Select one, or continue typing to narrow down the list:
  • .f for functions
  • .m for macros
  • .d for definitions
  • .p for partials

Pressing Enter or Tab unfolds the choosen template and guides you through a few variables where applicable (tab through these).

File templates takes these a step further. Right click in the project browser, then select "New" and, for instance, "VUEngine Entity Definition" to create a new file that contains a live template which guides you through the creation of an EntityDefinition.

VUEngine Multiplayer support

The new communication class brings multiplayer capabilities via the link cable to the VUEngine. This is a very lightweight implementation that only allows for very basic data transmission, leaving the details of logic synchronization to the game's code.