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Welcome to the third dimension! On this site you will learn everything about Nintendo's Virtual Reality experiment, the Virtual Boy. Released back in 1995 only in Japan and North America, the system failed all along the line and disappeared from the market less than a year later, quietly and without any official word. Only 22 games were released for the Virtual Boy during its short lifespan. Here we want to build a memorial for this unique oddity of videogame history. Dedicated to its brilliant creator, Gunpei Yokoi.


VUE-MASTER Demo Reel released

STEREO BOY has released the VUE-MASTER Demo Reel.

VUE-MASTER (read: "View Master") is a take on the classic toy stereo image viewer. It's a Virtual Boy stereo viewer by Stereo Boy and KR155E, containing 7 stereo images. First and foremost, though, it is meant as a VBDE/VUEngine template which allows anyone to compile their own stereo images into a ROM to view on real Virtual Boy hardware, without any programming knowledge. The sources, included with the soon to be released new VBDE version, will allow anyone to easily create their own reels.

Check it out on the forums.


New unreleased Virtual Boy game discovered

Here's something that doesn't happen often. Apparently, there's another unreleased Virtual Boy game that has just been shed some light upon.

Someone, who appears to be a former Hudson Soft developer, posted a photo of some interesting documents on Twitter. The paperwork is a proposal for a Virtual Boy game called "Invincible Iron Man Gagaga-In" ("鉄鋼無敵! ガガガイン") that would've been published by Eighting Co. Ltd., had it ever seen the light of day. According to some information posted on our forums in 2016, the game "didn't make it far into production", though.

Keep an eye on this thread as new details about the game might be unveiled.

Rare talks Donkey Kong Country for Virtual Boy

Digital Foundry have published a video feature about the Donkey Kong Country series that features behind-the-scenes stories from some of the games' developers.

It includes a brief section about Rare's experiments on a Virtual Boy version with quotes by Environment Art Director Steven Hurst. Read on for a full transcript under the video.

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According to Nintendo's software development guidelines, every Virtual Boy game's bootup sequence had to include a screen that allows players to adjust focus and inter-pupillary distance (IPD) on their Virtual Boy before starting the actual game.

These settings are different for each individual and not setting the VB's hardware sliders to the correct respective positions "could result in inappropriate convergence, which can cause eye strain or fatigue", according to Nintendo.

Nintendo developed a standard adjustment screen and distributed it with VB development hardware, on the "Sample Soft for VUE Programming" disk. Every single one of the 33 released official/licensed games used this exact screen, but an exception to this rule has been seen in an unreleased game, and eventually, homebrewers came up with many variations of the screen.

Read on for an overview of the various forms this screen has appeared in over the years.
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VBDE 1.2.1 and VUEngine 5.1 released

Here is the brand new version 1.2.1 of VBDE, your all-in-one portable Virtual Boy development environment, including the new version 5.1 of the VUEngine.

VBDE Changelog
  • [Pro] Updated IDEA to 2017.1
  • Condensed toolbar
  • [Pro] New toolbar button icons
  • [Pro] Made compiler output clickable
  • Bugfix: default makefile caused build folder to be nested into itself recursively
  • Bugfix: libgccvb projects were not setting up the column table and thus not ran on hardware
  • Rewrote batch files so that images and stages no longer have to reside in assets/images/ and assets/stages/, but can be anywhere under the project root
  • Extended conversion tools to support VUEngine's new "__ANIMATED_SINGLE_OPTIMIZED" animation type
  • Updated Mednafen to 0.9.43
  • New launcher by thunderstruck
  • Updated VUEngine as well as its Barebone and Platformer Demo to v5.1

VUEngine Changelog
  • Added the ability to have multiple collision shapes per Entity
  • Major refactor and simplification of predefined in-game Entities to a modular system
  • Added new animation scheme "__ANIMATED_SINGLE_OPTIMIZED"
  • Support for multiplexed interrupts
  • New PRNG
  • Added new ReflectiveEntity, which can do real-time reflections of other Entities
  • Added PostProcessingEffects array to the Stage definition
  • Added support to modify the printing World's position and size
  • Added support to modify the Screen's camera frustum
  • Added memory map check to alert on DRAM overflows
  • Fixed support for 25 FPS
  • Added new "beta" build mode
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements