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Virtual Boy 3D Test

M.K. has uploaded a new short video clip to his semi-secret Youtube channel. It shows a spaceship made of filled polygons, flying through some gates in a nice, fluid motion. A hint at his next game perhaps? Excitement!


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Benjamin Stevens
 Re: ual Boy 3D
Posted: 2017/9/18 20:08, Updated: 2017/9/18 20:08
Looks like a cross between a racing game and a Star Fox game!

 Re: ual Boy 3D
Posted: 2017/9/19 0:41, Updated: 2017/9/19 0:41
Looks neat :D

 Re: ual Boy 3D
Posted: 2017/9/19 4:26, Updated: 2017/9/19 4:26
Wow, real cool!

 Re: ual Boy 3D
Posted: 2017/9/20 13:42, Updated: 2017/9/20 13:42
I wasn't aware that the Virtual Boy was capable of Gouraud shading. It'd be interesting to see a TIE Fighter-like game on the VB...