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Reflection Technology's Virtual Boy Prototype

Not long before the release of the Virtual Boy, Nintendo sent a prototype system with a built-in copy of Space Pinball to Reflection Technology, the US-based company that developed the Virtual Boy's display technology. Ben Wells, former Reflection Technology Chief Scientist, was kind enough to share a bunch of photos of the unit, as well as some Private Eye prototype parts, with Benj Edwards. Thank you very much, Benj, for sharing these with us and of course thank you Ben for taking the photos!

Photos by Ben Wells. The unit is not for sale.


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 Re: ection Technology's Virtual Boy Proto
Posted: 2015/9/22 19:29, Updated: 2015/9/22 19:29
WOW! That is amazing, who knew these things were kept archived this well, very impressing stuff!

Lester Knight
 Re: ection Technology's Virtual Boy Proto
Posted: 2015/9/23 0:09, Updated: 2015/9/23 0:09
That is really sweet. I'm glad those pics ended up on this site. Thanks to both for sharing!

 Re: ection Technology's Virtual Boy Proto
Posted: 2015/9/23 22:30, Updated: 2015/9/23 22:30
Wow, this is awesome! It was nice of Benj to take all these good quality photos.

 Re: ection Technology
Posted: 2015/9/25 1:18, Updated: 2015/9/25 1:18
Awesome. If they ever decide to sell that unit, some hardcore collector will probably sell their house for it.

 Re: ection Technology
Posted: 2015/10/26 20:06, Updated: 2015/10/26 20:06
Amazing !