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VB Guide 1 Scans

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens, we got high-res scans of the rare first edition of the privately published Japanese VB Guide from July 1996 for you.

In other news, Ben is currently translating lots of Japanese articles and flyers of unreleased games into English, unearthing tons of new information. In this process, he is also creating crispy high res scans of these artices from Famitsu and the included screenshots. Here's the respective forum thread.


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 Re: uide 1 S
Posted: 2015/3/1 4:14, Updated: 2015/3/1 4:14
Thanks Ben! Seriously, I find these scans and translations you're doing incredibly interesting. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

 Re: uide 1 S
Posted: 2015/3/2 20:26, Updated: 2015/3/2 20:26
Shes giving us the finger y'know?

 VB to the head
Posted: 2015/3/3 18:57, Updated: 2015/3/3 18:57
I have to say the last page was the best. he playing game gear quick smash a virtual boy into his skull!

 Re: uide 1 S
Posted: 2015/3/5 3:27, Updated: 2015/3/5 3:28
Yeah I don't get why she's flipping the bird either, or why her finger is so long.

 Re: uide 1 S
Posted: 2015/3/5 4:01, Updated: 2015/3/5 4:01
I can't say why the artist felt the need for such a long finger, but the other topic has been discussed already.

 Re: VB to the head
Posted: 2015/3/5 4:16, Updated: 2015/3/5 4:16
I have to say the last page was the best. he playing game gear quick smash a virtual boy into his skull!

After researching a bit, I think the original picture was taken from Nippon Animation's production of Anne of Green Gables, or one of the other shows in their World Masterpiece Theater series, but I've never seen any of them, so don't quote me.

 Re: VB to the head
Posted: 2015/3/6 8:19, Updated: 2015/3/6 8:19
Haha yeah I get it now, seems strange to us westerners that you can begin counting with your middle finger in Japan. It still looks like she's giving an offensive gesture though, look at how she holds her hands.