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4 new development disks released

DanB shares dumps of the 4 floppy disks that came with his recently acquired VUE-Debugger kit.

These disks contain by far the latest known versions of neat stuff like the VUCC compiler or the sample programs.

Click the disks to download:

C compiler VUCC (95.7.10)VU Development System (95.7.10)VU Development System Manual (95.7.10)VUE Sample Program Ver.1.3 (95-8-1)


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 Re: w development disks rele
Posted: 2014/9/23 18:42, Updated: 2014/9/23 18:55
I don't visit for a while, and holy crap, some amazing stuff pops up. The original compiler and sample source code? By Hudson, even? Wow.