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Fishbone now available CIB

"Team Tusk" have done it again and produced complete-in-box copies of another homebrew game. "Fishbone" is now available for sale at UncleTusker's online store for a price of $80. Check out the release thread.


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 Re: bone now available
Posted: 2014/8/23 15:31, Updated: 2014/8/23 15:31
This is actually only the 2nd full homebrew game we've released. Very happy to get this one out :)


 Re: bone now available
Posted: 2014/8/26 14:06, Updated: 2014/8/26 14:06
Having a box and manual really makes a good package. Personally I'm happy with just carts so the rest is then a bonus.
Nice work fellas :)

 Re: bone now available
Posted: 2014/9/1 21:03, Updated: 2014/9/1 21:03
Is it just me or is this box not found on uncletusk anymore?

 Re: bone now available
Posted: 2014/9/2 0:51, Updated: 2014/9/2 0:51
It was sold out already, don't worry...25 more will show up in a few weeks :)


 Re: bone now available
Posted: 2014/9/2 21:45, Updated: 2014/9/2 21:45
Another great release. Thanks guys.

 Re: bone now available
Posted: 2014/9/6 14:36, Updated: 2014/9/6 14:36
The quality on these is amazing, thanks for the effort.

 Re: bone now available
Posted: 2014/9/21 17:29, Updated: 2014/9/21 17:29
My copy arrived me this week,
The idea Comunity member as game-characters is a funny idea.
The quality of is package fantastic.
Thank's all who were involved in this game and make it happend.