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VUE-Debugger auctioned

A VUE-Debugger has been auctioned at Yahoo Japan Auctions. It was, to my best knowledge, the first ever Virtual Boy development kit to be publically auctioned. On top of that, the unit is complete, like new and even comes with a copy of the never released link cable - the first and only one known to exist.

The auction ended yesterday with a highest bid of 300,000 Yen (roughly USD 3,000). Luckily, this tremendously good bargain was made by a Planet VB member, so we will hopefully hear again from this in the future.


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 Re: Debugger aucti
Posted: 2014/7/29 10:50, Updated: 2014/7/29 10:50
Oooh... nice, must be a holy grail in that collection!

Richard LP
 Re: Debugger aucti
Posted: 2014/7/30 19:54, Updated: 2014/7/30 19:54
is more chip then another stuff from virtualboy!

 Re: Debugger aucti
Posted: 2014/7/31 3:15, Updated: 2014/7/31 3:15
Way to go Dan :) I hope to see plenty of pics soon :)


 Re: Debugger aucti
Posted: 2014/7/31 19:20, Updated: 2014/7/31 19:20
Cool, just cool guys! :)

 Re: Debugger aucti
Posted: 2014/7/31 23:05, Updated: 2014/7/31 23:05

 Re: Debugger aucti
Posted: 2014/8/1 18:43, Updated: 2014/8/1 18:43
100% amazing.

 Re: Debugger auction
Posted: 2014/8/8 8:14, Updated: 2014/8/8 8:14
Way to bid, Dan!

I hope you keep us updated on how the installation goes, and whatnot (you are planning on using it, right?). Some youtubes of the software in use would totally rock!

I'll also add my voice to those asking for more photos of the link cable (how did I miss the slots for the locking tabs, this whole time?!)

 Re: Debugger aucti
Posted: 2014/8/19 14:26, Updated: 2014/8/19 14:26
Guess what arrived in the mail today?