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Space Pinball has leaked

It seems Santa was uber-busy this year and came to us with a little delay, as a ROM dump of the Shoshinkai 1994 "Space Pinball" prototype has just been put up for download on our forum by TheForce81. This highly interesting prototype of Galactic Pinball offers completely different tables than the final version. With 5 in total, it even has one more than the finished product. It is complete and perfectly playable, only missing the highscore functionality. This little gem has therefore fittingly been described as a quasi predecessor to Galactic Pinball. You can check out our coverage of the Space Pinball prototype here. The actual dump can be found in this thread. Happy nostalgia!

Space Pinball


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Benjamin Stevens
 Re: Space Pinball has leaked
Posted: 2011/12/30 18:26, Updated: 2011/12/30 18:26
What a great gift during the holiday season! Perhaps there's still hope for future releases of the still unreleased Virtual Boy games: Faceball, Zero Racers, and Dragon Hopper.

 Re: Space Pinball has leaked
Posted: 2011/12/31 2:44, Updated: 2011/12/31 2:44
Maybe 2012 can be the year of lost VB roms getting dumped and relesed for everyone to play.

Thanks a million TheForce81 for uploading this.

It's truely a great time to be a fan of the good old VB.

 Re: Space Pinball has leaked
Posted: 2012/1/8 19:23, Updated: 2012/1/8 19:23
Thanks 1000 times !!
Great Release !

Lester Knight
 Re: Space Pinball has leaked
Posted: 2012/1/20 5:08, Updated: 2012/1/20 5:08
it is so wonderful to see this rom released. thanks a ton for making it possible for everyone to enjoy it, theforce81!

 Re: Space Pinball has leaked
Posted: 2012/1/31 8:24, Updated: 2012/1/31 8:24

 Re: Space Pinball has leaked
Posted: 2012/2/9 20:06, Updated: 2012/2/9 20:06
Very good !

Thank you very much Theforce81, good job !

 Re: Space Pinball has leaked
Posted: 2012/2/9 23:13, Updated: 2012/2/9 23:13
Your displays still working great? No thanks, was nice to have done this for the community!