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VBjin, GoodVBoy and Pong Invaders

Only few days after the new coding competition started, we already saw the first entry. "PongInvaders" by our new member usch (have a look at the User ID ) combines Pong/Arkanoid and Space Invaders into a fun new game concept. You'll be able to follow further development of this project in the release thread. Welcome to the community, usch!

In other news, a new Virtual Emulator has been released. It's called VBjin and is a merge of the PCEjin emulator with the Virtual Boy core from Mednafen 0.9, so it's basically Mednafen with a nice GUI. You can download and follow the project on its Google Code page.

One thing that I've missed is that a new version of GoodVBoy has been released some weeks ago. Version 3.1415 adds most of the newer homebrew releases, but for some reason misses BLOX 2.


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 Re: VBjin, GoodVBoy and Pong Invaders
Posted: 2010/5/3 9:40, Updated: 2010/5/3 9:40
P.S. 300th news posting, yay!

 Re: VBjin, GoodVBoy and Pong Invaders
Posted: 2010/5/3 11:10, Updated: 2010/5/3 11:11
VBjin runs a bit slower/choppier on my system than Mednafen, but that's probably because of the really annoying console window in the background that prints numbers and other gibberish whenever I press a key

The GUI is appreciated (but not really necessary) and I'll definitely keep an eye on this one!

Also: welcome to the site, "usch the 1337"

 Re: VBjin, GoodVBoy and Pong Invaders
Posted: 2010/5/3 17:53, Updated: 2010/5/3 17:53
VBjin is missing some key features, shutting off anaglyph mode and change the colors of the anaglyph mode. Now it's just set to red/blue. Other than that I agree that it's slow.

 Re: VBjin, GoodVBoy and Pong Invaders
Posted: 2010/5/29 12:15, Updated: 2010/5/29 12:17
Well, I didn't really keep my eye on it, but thanks to dasi (via the IRC channel) I know there's a "new-and-improved" version of VBJin.

And, thanks to clicking the "virtualboy" tag on their site, I found out about the "RealityBoyWii" project: