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BLOX 2 released

After one and a half year in development, it's finally done, BLOX 2! Many new features, levels, languages and graphical updates made it in since last year's demo. With over 1800 levels, BLOX 2 is by far the biggest Virtual Boy homebrew to date.

- 16 MBit ROM
- 3D Graphics
- Over 1800 Levels in 38 Level Sets by various homebrew level authors
- Undo Functionality
- Includes "Multiblox" levels (two players to solve a level, each controlled by a D-Pad)
- Includes huge levels up to 29x32 blocks in Mini Mode
- Includes 9 languages: English, German, Spanish, Swedish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Finnish and Czech
- Save Battery support to save options, finished levels as well as an active game
- Full sound support with sound effects

Download: Click.

BLOX 2 was optimized to run on hardware. If you want to save your progress, you'll have to use the latest Reality Boy, though.


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 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/19 22:13, Updated: 2009/11/19 22:13
Way to go KR155E! It's gorgeous!

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/21 16:45, Updated: 2009/11/21 16:45
Nice work, Chris.

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/23 10:45, Updated: 2009/11/23 10:45
Like this, top job fella

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/23 13:17, Updated: 2009/11/23 13:17
sweet. is this massive amount of levels mean to get us ready for the new battery backup flashboy thats secretly in the works? lol. we wish.

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/23 16:47, Updated: 2009/11/23 16:48
Thanks, guys!

jojobean: I put in so many levels simply because I could. If there had been room for it, I would have added even more, but I used up ROM (and RAM) space up to the last KB.

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/24 19:24, Updated: 2009/11/24 19:24
> I used up ROM (and RAM) space up to the last KB.

Are you compressing your graphics/level data?

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/24 20:02, Updated: 2009/11/24 20:02
No... I didn't even have the idea to compress stuff. Are there any compression methods available? That would be quite interesting.

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/24 22:30, Updated: 2009/11/24 22:46
grit will compress data with LZ77, huffman, or run-length encoding, but we'd need to write our own decompression routines for the VB.

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/11/25 16:07, Updated: 2009/11/25 16:07
It'd only compress graphic data, though, right? Level data in BLOX 2 is structs containing arrays of numbers (u8) like this:

const struct level LEVEL_METAMORPH_1 =

 Re: BLOX 2 released
Posted: 2009/12/29 12:30, Updated: 2009/12/29 12:30
I have stumbled upon a bug. I reset a level I was working on and it played the same noise, over and over again.