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VB Development Disks released

I am very happy to be able to release a total of 7 japanese VB Development Disks today! Those disks contain a development manual, software like the VUCC compiler and the official sample code version 1.0, 1.1, 1.1a, and 1.2.

The files were generously contributed by Matthew Callis. Thank you very much! Thanks also got out to everyone else who donated money to get these released: DogP, dasi, Deadly-D, manwe, DanB, Dave_, Yackom and BenRPG.

Click the disks to download:

C compiler VUCC (95.3.28)VU Development System (95.3.27)VU Development System Manual (95.3.27)
VUE Sample Program Ver.1.0 (95-1)VUE Sample Program Ver.1.1 (95-4)VUE Sample Program Ver.1.1(a) (95-4-28)VUE Sample Program Ver 1.2 (95-6-7)


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Matthew Callis
 Re: VB Development Disks released
Posted: 2009/11/11 4:20, Updated: 2009/11/11 4:20
I would like to go ahead and say THANK YOU to the four of you who have already donated, KR155E, dasi, BenRPG and DogP.

I have faith (and really hope) that the rest of you enjoi the disks and follow through.

 Re: VB Development Disks released
Posted: 2009/11/14 21:59, Updated: 2009/11/14 22:14
Yep. Just sent my donation.

Cheers Matthew.

 Re: VB Development Disks released
Posted: 2009/11/19 8:47, Updated: 2009/11/19 8:47
It's first time when official VB dev disks are published? Is it really that cool?