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Highscores reform

From today, some things change in the way highscores are handled:

- Points for the Top 10 are now given based on the popularity of a game mode. I.e. 100 points are only awarded to a top highscore, if there are 10 (or more) scores for that mode in total, otherwise points are given from bottom to top. The lowest score always gets 5 points. So if there are only 3 scores for a mode, the top score only gets 15 points.

- Submitting scores without a screenshot as a prove is still allowed, but points for the Top 10 are no longer given to those.

I have also written a nice submission form, which you can find here.

On a side note, I have launched the VB Dev Repository in the Forum. This will be a media source for developers, a place to share sprite sets, artworks, functions, sound files and everything else.


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 Re: Highscores reform
Posted: 2009/4/9 13:05, Updated: 2009/4/9 13:05
I like what you did with the highscores section. You should also change the collection section that they need pictures to get credit for the top ten too.

 Re: Highscores reform
Posted: 2009/4/9 22:11, Updated: 2009/4/9 23:41
Probably, but that would still not be ideal, because you could just upload any picture. Validating each collection would probably be a step too far, so I think it's OK now.