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veGL Demo 0.5 Released

Alberto Covarrubias has released Demo 0.5 of his veGL project.


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 Re: veGL Demo 0.5 Released
Posted: 2008/6/16 8:38, Updated: 2008/6/29 8:11
I hate to be a stick in the mud, but, what's wrong with stereo OpenGL on a PC monitor?

Even with free cardboard glasses the picture is better than a VB, and WAAAAY cheaper

I'll tell you why I still like this project, though: If he gets his decompression routine to full speed and gets anywhere near the needed compression ratio, we could see VB games with FMV cutscenes pretty soon!


I thought of something weird:

What if someone made/converted a VB emu to render w/ OpenGL, then ran it through this (when it's at full speed, of course) on a real VB? :D That would have to be a first, even excluding the stereo part.

The only thing that might come close would be watching streaming video from an (Xbox, XB360, PS3) emulator in the browser/media player of said console. And that's quite a few years off (except maybe old XBox...)

I'm glad nobody reads these comments :P