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Virtual Boy, oh boy! oh boy!

The Virtual Boy was featured in the canadian TV show "Game Nation" several times back in 1995.

One was a game design contest where you could win one of 10 Virtual Boy baseball caps and a system, with an advert showing some interesting tradeshow sequences, and the other was a short mention in a Virtual Reality feature. At ca. 1:57, there are nearly 20 seconds about the Virtual Boy, in which Nintendo's Ron Bertram speaks about the VB at E3 '95.

Videos here!


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 Re: Virtual Boy, oh boy! oh boy!
Posted: 2008/1/26 4:22, Updated: 2008/1/26 4:22
rflmeow! i love the 'that would probably *kill* the home VR market' right after they were talking about a kid getting hit by a car. nice joke on the hosts part.