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Bound High! Review

3 days left until this site turns 7 years old, and again I got an early present for you guys. Like for last year's Space Pinball special, I again got my hands on a very rare cartridge, this time the unreleased Bound High!, and wrote a review. Enjoy.


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 Re: Bound High! Review
Posted: 2007/1/5 5:27, Updated: 2007/1/5 5:27
Wow this is amazing! Out of all the unreleased vb games bound high always interested me the most. I am quite curious to know how you got hold of it though XD heh

 Re: Bound High! Review
Posted: 2007/1/18 23:35, Updated: 2007/1/18 23:35
Amazing!.. now... when will the rest of us common mortals have a chance to download a dump of it? just kidding... is there any method to dump it without destroying de cart?