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Some new stuff

Hmm, it's about time for an update I guess... I have been busy with private things and have been absent from the internet in the past 2 months, but now I found some time to do some work on the site again. And it has been a lot work, I fixed or added things on nearly every page. Because of a name server change of our provider, Planet Virtual Boy has been a bit slow in the past weeks, which is now fixed. I can't list every fix to the site, but here are the most important new things:
- You can now find the "Did you know..." box on the right side, which randomly supplies you with interesting facts.
- The Cheats sektion has been updated with all passwords and new cheats for Blox.
- New pictures of the Mario's Tennis playing cards in the Merchandise section.
- More info about Virtual Double Yakuman as well as several corrections in the Unreleased Games section.
- DanB has released a new demo called BitString Demo.
- Scans of 4 flyers for Panic Bomber and Vertical Force.
- There's a new site in the Links section:
If you're waiting for DrAetzn's SD Dundam review... he did not forget it and will upload it in one of the next updates ;)


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