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ViBE 1.0b3 is out

Yesterday Richard Bannister released the latest version of ViBE, his and Gil Pedersen's Virtual Boy emulator for macintosh. Get version 1.0b3 on, and don't forget to grab the new Emulator Enhancer v1.2, which adds many additional features like support for USB joysticks, full screen mode, and bilinear filtering to ViBE. Here's a preliminary compatibility list compiled by Rezrov:

3D Tetris, Galactic Pinball, Insmouse, Jack Brothers, Mario Clash, Mario Tennis, Nesters Funky Bowling (slowly), Panic Bomber, Red Alarm, Virtual League Baseball, V-Tetris, Virtual Fishing & Wario Land.

Not working:
Golf, Space Squash, Teleroboxer, Vertical Force & Water World.

Of v1.0b3, a PC Version of ViBE was said to be released as well, so this release hopefully means that we will see it soon.
Plus the guys from Nintendome recently made a big VB special, which we loaned them the necessary hardware for. So if you can read german, check it out.


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