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FS: Immaculate (like new) Virtual Boy that needs solder fix
Posted on: 2019/1/15 5:34
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Hi, guys

Another user here suggested I post this in the marketplace.

I bought two Virtual Boy consoles new in 2005 from Media Play when they were on sale. One for my kids. The other was to save as a collector's item.

I stored this Virtual Boy in the attic with our other electronics.
When I opened it up a while back, the display was glitchy.
I tried the low heat fix without success.

I decided to have it repaired, and boxed it up in my office.
Yesterday (after a few months), I fired it up again and got no display at all. I spoke with NES Freak today, and plan to send it to him for repair.

I prefer not to have it shipped back to me, then pay for shipping again to an eBay buyer. It's extra cost, more trouble, and not good for the console to be shipped cross country multiple times.

If anyone is interested, maybe NES Freak could ship it directly to the new owner when it is repaired and verified.

So... Here's what I have.
Everything is in near mint condition.
(I played it for an hour or so when I first got it, then
packed it up)

- Original Box with proof of purchase certificate
- Owners manual, special offers, quick start, etc

- Console unit

- Stand

- Controller

- Battery pack

- 'Free Batteries' card that goes on top

- Virtual Tennis game (with booklet if that's important)

Here are some pictures I shot today in my office.
Sorry about posting attachments. I don't know how to put them inline.

I don't do this as a business.
I'm just a geek that thought Virtual Boy was cool enough to collect. I have sold personal items on eBay for a LONG time, an d could provide a link to a Virtual Tennis game listed there now if anyone wants to see my ratings.
I'll not do that unless asked (and if it is ok).

Hopefully this doesn't come across as SPAM.
I used, and appreciated, the info on this site when I encountered the display issues. It was nice to find real information here. Most of the other info I found online was junk.

I would love to hear your opinions on fair pricing should I put it on eBay. Of course, direct offers are also welcome.
Maybe any offers should be via PM? Is that the practice here?

(I briefly discussed the possibility of letting NES Freak buy it directly. He was kind enough to call, so I want to keep that option open to him as well.)



Attach file:

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14902_5c3d640c77d17.jpg 4032X3024 px

Re: FS: Immaculate (like new) Virtual Boy that needs solder fix
Posted on: 2019/1/20 19:23
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I'm not sure if he has found a buyer yet, but I just wanted to post that I did a high-value-item deal with Fred and it went off without a hitch. Since I paid first, I was taking the risk, but he was extremely open and confirmed his identity in multiple ways before I sent the payment, so I felt comfortable with the deal.

The game arrived quickly and as described. Unfortunately, numerous life experiences have made me cynical about people I don't know, so the first thing I did was test the game and also open it up to make sure it was an original board. Sure enough, it played great and eveyrthing it was legit.

Based on my communication with Fred and my the deal we made going go smoothly, I recommend him. I'm very happy with our deal and interactions. He genuinely seems like someone just trying to find a good home for their stuff at a reasonable price, so at least for our deal, everyone was happy in the end!

Re: FS: Immaculate (like new) Virtual Boy that needs solder fix
Posted on: 2019/1/21 4:50
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I also took a risk and bought from him without much knowledge of him. The game came fine and he was nice throughout the entire transaction; I also recommend him.

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