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Arcade sticks for VB available
Posted on: 2019/1/9 23:06
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Game historian Benj Edwards has started making arcade sticks in general, but is currently taking orders for two different Virtual Boy sticks. Send him a note on Twitter if you're interested -- they're probably pricey ($100+ish, based on his previous sticks):

BX-250 for all VB games

BX-240 for Hyper Fighting, specifically

I can't buy one right now unfortunately, but I bet playing Hyper Fighting on one of these would be awesome.

Attach file:

jpg  bx250.jpg (238.53 KB)
170_5c367e6d72958.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  bx240.jpg (210.03 KB)
170_5c367e742aab5.jpg 1200X900 px

Re: Arcade sticks for VB available
Posted on: 2019/1/10 15:14

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Thanks for sharing! I bought two for the demos at LPGE this summer.

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