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Re-issue of the Dimension 3 shirts! (+ a new design)
Posted on: 2018/11/30 2:37
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I know a lot of you have waited patiently for years, and the day has finally come. I'm re-issuing the Dimension 3 shirt that was previously a limited edition (only 50).

This new shirt is not limited, I will keep it available for sale as long as there's interest. I'm using a print on demand service so I can offer a lot more sizes. Standard shirt: XS - 3XL. Premium shirt: S - 2XL.

I'm releasing a new design too! (I've been sitting on this since the original D3 shirt release) Red & Black.
Also available in Standard shirt: XS - 3XL. Premium shirt: S - 2XL.

I've ordered multiple of these myself to check quality and color, and they are really nice! Note, the reds can appear pink-ish under certain light because of the printing tech used, but overall I like the way they turned out.

My online shop is powered by Shopify, one of the largest and safest platforms for ecommerce. Accepts modern payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon, PayPal etc.

Attach file:

png  vr32-shirt.png (211.27 KB)
2487_5c0092eea2145.png 550X550 px

png  rb-shirt.png (207.93 KB)
2487_5c0092ff31803.png 550X550 px

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