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Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Screenshots
Posted on: 2018/11/20 21:36
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Sorry if this is old news, but I found a website with a lot of screenshots of this unreleased game, including a character select screen I have never seen before. I checked the game's page on this site, and only one of these screenshots were there. ... estling_Gekitou_Densetsu_(lost_build_of_unreleased_Virtual_Boy_wrestling_game;_1995)

Attach file:

jpg  359px-Shin_Nihon_Pro_Wrestling_screenshot.jpg (13.50 KB)
3163_5bf47002e3014.jpg 359X225 px

png  386px-Shin_Nihon_Pro_Wrestling_screenshot_2.png (174.99 KB)
3163_5bf4700c05b02.png 386X225 px

jpg  399px-Shin_Nihon_Pro_Wrestling_VB_2.jpg (29.72 KB)
3163_5bf47017e8a0d.jpg 399X225 px

png  304px-Shin_Nihon_Pro_Wrestling_screenshot_4.png (149.58 KB)
3163_5bf4701ca658d.png 304X225 px

png  275px-Shin_Nihon_Pro_Wrestling_screenshot_3.png (123.93 KB)
3163_5bf47023550e0.png 275X225 px

jpg  274px-Shin_Nihon_Pro_Wrestling_VB_3_Marusho_'95.jpg (19.66 KB)
3163_5bf4702706a1b.jpg 274X225 px

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