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FS: VB Vidpro Cards
Posted on: 2018/8/30 7:11
Joined 2018/8/17
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If you are into vidpro then I'm sure you know these are hard to find.
Looking for $180 a piece.

Attach file:

jpg  3jaDrz1l.jpg (55.70 KB)
1_5b879bd7f1b90.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  4exZQZzl.jpg (36.15 KB)
1_5b879bdcdb767.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  tz7ARBHl.jpg (59.02 KB)
1_5b879be195f71.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  zzPbELbl.jpg (39.86 KB)
1_5b879be6334a6.jpg 640X480 px

Re: FS: VB Vidpro Cards
Posted on: 2018/8/30 8:05
Joined 2015/3/28
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PM sent :)

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