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Virtual Butt (New Yetee, t-shirt)
Posted on: 2018/7/25 5:23
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Today's daily shirt is kinda Virtual Boy related.

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jpg  A_butt_640x640.jpg (39.17 KB)
1584_5b5808f184144.jpg 640X640 px

jpg  D_butt_640x640.jpg (38.95 KB)
1584_5b58090cc73f7.jpg 640X640 px

Re: Virtual Butt (New Yetee, t-shirt)
Posted on: 2018/7/25 16:35
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This and the Data East one, seems like a pretty narrow intersection of people who would recognize these logos and also want to wear shirts with butt jokes on them.

(butt of the joke... there's a pun here somewhere)

But I can appreciate the VB shoutout. Woo!

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