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Any retro pictures/videos of Virtual Boy products "in the wild" ???
Posted on: 2018/4/27 6:38
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I know this may be a weird ask (and probably a difficult one) but I'd love to see any old pictures of Virtual Boy products sitting on retail shelves, clearance isles, rentals at Blockbuster, etc.

Obviously, not expecting perfect photos or anything. Even if it's just noticing Virtual Boy stuff in the background of some picture and it's barely noticeable, I'd love that even.

Maybe archival news footage possibly within a retail location that shows Virtual Boy stuff out of frame? (I saw this at some point with a K.B. Toys, could barely make out some VB stuff at one point in the background behind the checkout)

EDIT: Here is the snapshot I was referencing from a video (was actually just a picture), you can make out Wario Land & Panic Bomber in the bottom right hand corner.

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