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Teleroboxer typo
Posted on: 2018/3/16 21:23
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In the Japanese manual, in the picture on page 5, the game says "Round Over, Take a Brake." Am I the first one to notice this?

Re: Teleroboxer typo
Posted on: 2018/3/17 11:38
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Hah! Cool find, never noticed that. Since this typo has been fixed in the final version, I guess this counts as a prototype screenshot.

The same screenshot can also be found in the US manual, BTW.

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Re: Teleroboxer typo
Posted on: 2018/3/17 14:07
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I really would love to play this game again :)

Re: Teleroboxer typo
Posted on: 2018/3/18 16:31
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Itís basically the movie Real Steel or Steel (from the Twilight Zone) as a game. But yes, Teleroboxer is a mighty fine video game.

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