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Posted on: 2017/7/2 21:05
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Hey all,
I have some questions about my vb. First off, is it normal that my vb shows two very different images at certain points in certain games? Second, is it normal that when I take my head away from the unit the screen fades a bit?

Re: Questions
Posted on: 2017/7/2 23:03
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1. What do you mean different? The two displays should always be just different enough to make a 3D effect with them combined. Not like, two different scenes in each one or anything =P

2. Again, not really sure what you mean, but as long as the display is consistently bright while in use (will be game specific, some games give you brightness options), then I'm sure it's fine.

Re: Questions
Posted on: 2017/7/3 0:23
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before i had my ribbon cables soldered i experienced a very odd dimming effect while moving my head around. someone times it even glitched more when my face was closer to the red lenses. it made absolutely no sense to the point that it even sparked a brief discussion at one point.

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