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Waterworld music also in the SNES port!
Posted on: 2017/6/21 0:41
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This! I've been wanting to have this listenable forever.. but the Virtual Boy version is somewhat lacking due to the other channel being this noisy thing that makes it sound so so but here with the SNES version is sounds sooo relaxing ! :)

Re: Waterworld music also in the SNES port!
Posted on: 2017/6/24 3:18
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Ah yeah. The SNES OST is the original, by Ocean composer Dean Evans (whose other works you should totally check out-
he has a Youtube channel with a lot of them on it). A couple of the tracks in SNES Waterworld were actually supposed to be used in a Green Lantern game, which ended up getting cancelled.

I believe it was Jonathan Dunn, another great Ocean composer, who transcribed (two of?) those tracks to the VB. While those transcriptions aren't exactly as good as the originals (which is understandable, given such vast differences in audio hardware), it's really nice to hear them on the hardware.

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