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Introduction - my virtual boy is coming home
Posted on: 2017/6/23 22:02
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Hi all.
I just recently stumbled on this forum and after I spent a good hour or more reading posts (the Japanese translation post was particularly impressive) I figured I would make introduction. I bought my virtual boy way back when they were briefly on sale, it is currently with me on my parents house in England where it has been for 22+/- years but it will be on its way back home to America this week. I've already ordered a replacement visor and power supply and a few more pieces. However, I think I want to go for a full set, including home brews. I've done a bunch of nes,snes and genesis repro carts myself, including some of the tricky ones like starfox 2, so I think I could handle a few of these.
Can someone turn me on to a source for pcb's?

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