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Modders' question about types of wire
Posted on: 2016/6/17 8:21
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I'm trying to find a type of wire that is easier to work with than standard 32awg or so jacketed stranded wire. That stuff is fine but some of my projects become tedious with all the cutting, stripping, tinning...

Is there a place to buy piles of pre-tinned wires, maybe in 6" pieces or a variety perhaps? Whenever I look online, I can't seem to find them.

The other day some of that super thin enamel-coated stuff arrived but I have mixed feelings about it (I think it was referred to as magnet wire?). On ebay the description said "solderable", which I assumed meant the enamel would melt off when I applied flux and heat. Does anyone know about this type of wire? I love how thin and low profile it is, but whatever I ordered has enamel that needs to be scraped off the end before soldering. Maybe it needs a higher temp to melt off?

Re: Modders
Posted on: 2016/6/20 23:42
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I already contacted HPL directly, but in case anyone else is curious, I suggested looking for "breadboarding" wires, and trying to find stranded ones (solid will work, too, but be less reliable due to being a single point of failure).

For the magnet wire, I suggested the "burn and sand off the char" method, or chemically stripping it (with, e.g., acetone).

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