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Looking to Sell Full US Collection
Posted on: 2015/11/24 12:25

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Hello all. My wife and I are moving into a new house and so I'm trying to reduce the amount of stuff that needs to migrate. I have a complete US collection (all 14 games, all with good to excellent boxes, packaging, and manuals), a primary working VB with a perfect condition stand, the Blockbuster hard case, original VB box and manuals, a Flashboy+ with cable, and the Nintendo Power VB issue and Waterworld poster.

First question - is it better to try to sell this as a complete collection or sell things off in smaller lots or individually?

Second question - If anyone is interested in any of these items, please PM me. I'd rather benefit this community than eBay if I can help anyone complete their own collection.

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Re: Looking to Sell Full US Collection
Posted on: 2015/11/25 3:05

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Nice collection :)

It would be a hard choice on how to sell. You'd get more money normally by piecing the collection out, but it will take more time and hard to get rid of some of the lesser items.

You might want to post on nintendoage, there might be someone there that would want an 'instant collection'.


Re: Looking to Sell Full US Collection
Posted on: 2015/12/1 9:31

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Hi! I'm very interested in the hard case, the Flashboy+ with cable, and CIB Jack Bros. Sorry to hear you have to part with it all... I live in Sweden. Kind regards, Jakob N.

Re: Looking to Sell Full US Collection
Posted on: 2016/1/17 22:15

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I'm interested in the entire collection! If you still own it, please email me! Thanks

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