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Did I just break my Sega Saturn?
Posted on: 2014/11/4 23:53
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I just came back from Japan, bought a Sega Saturn, and I just plugged it in with a simple plug adapter, but when pressing the power button, it did a fairly loud pop sound then turned off, now it won't turn on again at all.
Did the power do a powercut or whatever the word is that I'm looking for, or did the power part inside the Saturn just get burned and the console is broken?

Note, my Twin Famicom still works even though the power plug is still japanese, why does that work but not the Saturn?

One part here broke, as I can see. Anyone know what is it?

Re: Did I just break my Sega Saturn?
Posted on: 2014/11/5 1:05
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It looks like a capacitor that broke. It could have failed due to a power surge or due to being defective. They're not too difficult to replace.

There appears to be a fuse below it (the cylinder above the coil of wire)- that may have been blown as well.

It's difficult to know exactly what caused it- maybe there's a short somewhere, or something else in the power supply has failed.

(and as a bit of a disclaimer, be careful when poking around power supplies, as they could still have harmful voltages in them even after they are unplugged!)

Re: Did I just break my Sega Saturn?
Posted on: 2014/11/5 1:18
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Doesn't Sweden use 240 volt mains? If so, the Saturn is only compatible with 100 Volt Japan Mains (North American 120V might be ok). In order to use it there without exploding it again you'll need a step down converter.

How the Twin Famicom works is beyond me, as a quick Google tells me it's also rated for 100 Volts input.

Re: Did I just break my Sega Saturn?
Posted on: 2014/11/5 12:48
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Sounds like the fuse went pop. Best thing to do is try and source c European Saturn and take the power board from that and put it in your Jap Saturn then you won't need a step down transformer.

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