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Candi's Classic Game Shrine Intro
Posted on: 2014/9/25 22:21

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I get bored and do things like this in my spare time. I am by no means an expert in doing any of this but it's a ton of fun. I'd like to make a chiptune about 10 sec long to go as my "theme" but I'm not that talented. Might have to convince my husband or one of my friends.

If you're interested in what I used from font names to programs, I'm happy to share.

Fonts Used:
- Synchro Let
- M19_COCONUT MILK (download here:

Programs Used:
- iMovie
- Photoshop/

Milk & Nuts and NES childhood memories

Attach file:

mp4 Nintendo Intro.mp4 Size: 444.14 KB; Hits: 120

jpg  StartScreen.jpg (196.00 KB)
4178_542495a77fd3e.jpg 800X600 px
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