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VB Display Repair Practice?!
Posted on: 2013/5/23 3:24

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Hey everyone! Long time no see!

I don't know how I did it, but I believe I have my work cut out for myself.

In December, I bought a laptop on eBay, and I was not happy that the B&W screen it had would not display certain graphics modes properly.

Cut to today. I received an old Color laptop LCD display I intend to replace the previous B&W display with.

My first job was to de-solder the original pinned connectors, but I accidentally ripped one of the solder points off while removing the connector. Fortunately, with these LCD Modules, there's a secondary connection, attached by flat ribbon cables.

If it weren't for the connection being soldered down already, I would have thought I had just practiced for the contingency that my Nintendo Virtual Boy's video displays would go on the fritz!

Anyways, the ribbon cable has been neatly removed, and the solder pads are all intact, so now I can solder some power and video signal wires from the LCD to the computer!

Re: VB Display Repair Practice?!
Posted on: 2013/5/23 5:50

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Neat, but I'm at a loss for how the heck do you still have a laptop with a B/W screen? The last time I saw one of those was the mid 90s and those didn't even have floppy drives lol.

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