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How do you compose a new .vb file?
Posted on: 2013/1/13 3:26
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Hello world! I am so lost. How to I make a new file? I opened up notepad ++, typed in a simple pong game, then proceeded to open up make. It did not work and I have no idea how to turn that c file into a visual basic source file. Look at this picture to explain my attempt, then my reaction. Another question, can any c file be turned into a rom?

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Re: How do you compose a new .vb file?
Posted on: 2013/1/13 16:13
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OK... first of all: the .vb has nothing to do with visual basic. It is simply your compiled c file which then can be run in an emulator or on a Flashboy (.vb meaning VirtualBoy).

If you want to compile a c file you need, besides your source files, a Makefile that tells the compiler how to compile and link your sources. I attached an empty project which already includes everything you need. If you copy this to your cygwin/home/yourname directory and then execute 'make' in that directory it should compile the empty project. You can then include your existing code into this empty project.

I would be way easier for you to simply use vbde (The empty project is included there) though. Just extract it to C:/vbde and start the notepad++ which is included. You can compile the project from within notepad++ then.

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